Kailyn Lowry: MTV Threatened Me and FORCED Me to Film Teen Mom 2!

It’s not at all unusual for reality stars to harshly criticize the shows that made them famous.

Often, cast members complain that they’ve been misrepresented by the show’s editing, causing viewers to be left with a misleading and unflattering impression.

But Kailyn Lowry is taking things several steps further by claiming that she was abused and mistreated on set by the crew of Teen Mom 2.

Furthermore, she says this occurred while she was in her teens and completely new to the world of reality television.

Lowry made the allegation during the latest episode of her Baby Mamas, No Drama podcast, which she hosts with Vee Torres, who is married to the father of Kailyn’s first child.

Vee has only been a part of the Teen Mom family for a few years, so Kail regaled her with some anecdotes about the franchise’s early days.

We think it’s safe to say producers probably were not fans of what she had to say.

“At the beginning nothing was ever a choice [to film]. They ran us,” Lowry told her shocked co-host about the show’s sweatshop-like labor practices.

“They were threatening us. It wasn’t an option,” Kail added.

Yes, Lowry is alleging that she was strong-armed into filming, and when she attempted to resist, she was threatened by crew members.

She did not offer any details regarding the nature of the threats.

“They made us feel like we didn’t have a choice but to film and we were so young,” Kail dramatically recalled.

Kailyn went on to say that producers routinely disregarded the truth and forced her and her cast mates to act out scenarios that had no basis in reality.

As an example, Lowry cited the scene in which she met her Javi Marroquin, the father of her second child.

“They made up a whole scenario that Gigi introduced us at a bowling alley which never happened – it was so forced,” she recalled.

“We didn’t get a choice.”

Vee stated that in her own first days of filming, she informed producers that she would not participate in any “conversations about” Kailyn on camera.

So it seems that conditions on set have improved somewhat, as Vee’s requests were taken into consideration, whereas Kail’s were apparently ignored.

These days, the amount of drama in Kailyn’s is sure to satisfy even the most ambitious producers.

She recently revealed that Javi tried to have sex with her in a gas station parking lot, despite that fact that he’s currently engaged to Lauren Comeau.

In addition to that storyline, Kail is still dealing with drama surrounding her relationship with Chris Lopez, the father of her third and fourth children.

Most recently, she revealed that Lopez demanded a paternity test to ensure that Kail had not cheated on him.

MTV has yet to respond to Kail’s allegations, but you can be sure the issue will be raised during her next round of contract negotiations.

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