Kailyn Lowry to Lauren Comeau: It’s Not My Fault Javi Still Wants to F–k Me!

Back in October, we all bore witness to an episode of Teen Mom 2 in which Kailyn Lowry claimed that Javi Marrroquin tried to have sex with her in a gas station parking lot.

Now, we’re witnessing the aftermath of that revelation.

The episode that aired on Tuesday was shot the day after the infamous “Wawa episode” aired, and not surprisingly, it found Kailyn dealing with some major backlash.

It’s almost like people like Lauren would prefer that devastating allegations about their fiances be made in person, and not, say, on MTV.

“Last night an episode of the show aired where I revealed some information,” Kail explained in a voiceover.

“He keeps texting me and is upset that I filmed about the situation.”

At a photoshoot for her new podcast with Vee Torres, Kail complained that she would “get sh-t for it because I look messy, I look bitter, I look petty.”

“You’re saying the truth, it happened,” Vee replied.

“Lauren’s probably a nice girl. It’s not her fault; wish that I never did that. But it’s not my f–king responsibility,” Lowry shot back.

“Don’t do things if you don’t want … I’m fine, I caused a sh-tstorm for no reason and I need to clean up with I did.”

It was a strange moment, as Kail has been a reality TV star for her entire adult life, and it’s difficult to imagine that she would blurt out an allegation like that without considering the ramifications.

But then again, she’s been in this game so long that she probably forgets she’s on camera at times.

Whatever the case, Kail clearly regretted making the claim, and she vowed to never “talk about sh-t like that ever again.”

Later that day, she dropped off the child she shares with Javi for a weekend at his father’s house.

And it seems the custody exchange was not a pleasant experience.

Apparently, Javi barely acknowledged Kail, while Lauren attempted to engage her in a private conversation.

“I just saw her. I know what’s about to happen right now. He’s pissed at me, I can tell by everything,” Lowry told producers.

“I’m actually going to be done for the day. I’m done filming.”

She added that Lauren “said something about talking to her” during the exchange.

From there, Kail seemed to suffer a panic attack as she considered the events that were soon to transpire.

“This is like not good, what’s about to happen. This is not good,” she told producers.

“This is not good. This is not good. This is not good.”

Indeed, it seems the situation was about as bad as Kail predicted.

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Javi and Lauren split up in the wake of Kail’s claim, and a preview of next week’s episode shows that Kail is still wrapped up in their ugly breakup.

We see Lowry observing that she “did Lauren dirty” and sayjng, “I feel like I’m gonna throw up” in response to a text from Comeau.

Well, it’s certainly not pretty, but at least this situation serves as a refutation to all those claims that Teen Mom 2 is scripted.

Say what you will about the people involved in this mess, their plight is very real!

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