Kamala Harris Has Great Response to VP Mike Pence's Debate Fly

The fly on Vice President Mike Pence’s head was the elephant in the room during last week’s vice presidential debate, but did his opponent, Sen. Kamala Harris, notice it? The California senator was finally asked about the now-infamous insect during an appearance on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show this week. 

“I would kick myself if I didn’t just ask you if you noticed the fly on Vice President Pence’s head at the time, during the debate?” Maddow asked of Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate. “We could see it at home, but could you see it, sitting next to him?” 

As Harris laughed at the question, she responded, “Oh, Rachel,” before simply nodding.

Rachel Maddow: We could see [the fly on Mike Pence's head] at home. Could you see it next to him?
Sen. Kamala Harris: … pic.twitter.com/Iu0LwOGPfL

Maddow also asked her, “Did you have the instinct to [shoo it away]?”

“I think that it’s important to find a way, all of us, to move on and fly away from this subject and onto something else,” Harris said, laughing. 

The fly became an instant Internet sensation after it was spotted on Pence’s head. It was quickly parodied on this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live by Jim Carrey and Kenan Thompson.

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