Karlie Kloss Opens Up About Her and Fiancé Joshua Kushner's Political Beliefs

Karlie Kloss is a world-famous model and advocate for young girls, but that’s not why she’s making headlines these days.

In late July, after a long and incredibly private courtship, the 26-year-old revealed her engagement to Joshua Kushner (yes, he’s the brother of *that* Kushner, First Son-in-Law, Jared).

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One of Karlie’s many well-wishers following the engagement news was her future sister-in-law Ivanka Trump, who endearingly referred to her as her sister on social media.

Though it appears Karlie, Josh, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner are rather close, Kloss would like to clarify something: she and Josh are still liberals.

“At the end of the day, I’ve had to make decisions based on my own moral compass — forget what the public says, forget social media. I’ve chosen to be with the man I love despite the complications,” Kloss told Vogue. “It’s frustrating, to be honest, that the spotlight is always shifted away from my career toward my relationship. I don’t think the same happens in conversations with men.”

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“Josh and I share a lot of the same liberal values that guide our lives and the things we stand for,” the model explained. “We’ve really grown together personally and professionally. Josh knows that I’m just a nerdy, curious human being. I think that’s why he loves me. We have each other’s back.”

Don’t worry, Karlie isn’t about to give up her career for a position at the White House anytime soon.

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