Kate McKinnon Breaks Character During Weekend Update on ‘Saturday Night Live’ – Watch Here!

Kate McKinnon completely lost it on Saturday Night Live!

During the Weekend Update segment on Saturday (October 10), the 36-year-old cast member broke character while chatting with Colin Jost.

Kate appeared at the desk as “Dr. Wayne Weknowdis” to give a second opinion on President Trump’s medical examination — and just repeatedly said the phrase “we know this.”

While attempting to check Colin‘s blood pressure, Kate broke down laughing and couldn’t get through the sketch.

“Kate are you okay?” Colin said, to which Kate answered through laughs, “Obviously, I’m not.”

Kate then started talking directly to the audience and viewers, saying that times are so crazy right now, saying it’s hard to deal with the ongoing health pandemic and presidential election.

“It’s such a crazy time and this is something I started doing to cope,” Kate said, referencing her doctor’s character. “It’s refreshing to play a character who ‘know this.’”

“I know that it’s very stressful,” Colin responded. “I know this is very hard right now. I know people are being very resilient about it. I know even though it doesn’t seem good, don’t worry. You can figure this out, we can do this.”

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