Kate’s ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Storyline Left Chrissy Metz "Shocked"

Of all the seasons to be delayed of This Is Us, Season 5 so far feels like the least ideal. Though every season finale brings a cliffhanger of sorts, Season 5’s premiere was teased back in Thanksgiving of 2019, as viewers got a flash-forward look at the Big Three’s not so happy 40th birthday. Since learning Kevin and Randall would be falling out, fans have been anxious for the Season 5 premiere (which has always been set around the Big Three birthday celebration. But Kate’s This Is Us Season 5 storyline may be the one that blindsides everyone.

One of the moves in the This Is Us playbook is to hide twists in plain sight by distracting the viewer with other drama. For example, by showing Kate sans Toby in the Season 5 flash-forward, fans were trained to be looking for signs they could break up. That allowed the show to introduce the daughter they’ll eventually adopt without anyone putting together who she was.

Currently, all the speculation on Season 5 focuses on Randall and Kevin and their big breakup. Fans are debating who will step up and help repair the damage, whose side Kate might take in the fight, how Rebecca will handle her sons’ cold war. They’re not considering Kate might have problems that have nothing to do with either of her brothers.

Season 5 left fans eager to see a happy story with Toby and Kate as they take their first step on the road to adopting baby Jack a sister. But actress Chrissy Metz warns viewers there’s a significant twist ahead in Kate’s life, and it’s one fans may find divisive. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said:

This twist is big enough for show creator Dan Fogelman to reach out to Metz before going ahead with it.

But the real news is that it’s something the show was already laying down the foundations for, while fans weren’t looking. Metz admitted:

This Is Us Season is currently slated to begin airing on Tuesday, Oct 28, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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