Katherine McNamara Knows As Much As Us On Status of ‘Green Arrow & The Canaries’

Katherine McNamara doesn’t have any update on the Green Arrow & The Canaries spinoff series!

The 24-year-old actress, along with Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy, filmed a backdoor pilot for an Arrow spinoff, but there’s still no word on the status of the possible show.

Katherine was recently asked if she knew anything, and she’s just as much in the dark as everyone else!

“I have no updates… I know, I feel the same way,” she told TooFab. “COVID has unfortunately thrown a monkey wrench into everyone’s timeline, and, you know, they’ve had so much to figure out with how to even possibly make TV anymore.”

“So, um, we’ll see. You know, I’m far from done with Mia Smoak, and so if there’s ever an opportunity to put on the Arrow suit again, I’m 100% in,” Katherine added. “Whether that’s Green Arrows & The Canaries, or popping in and out of the other [Arrowverse] series, or next crossover, or whatever it is. I’m not done with Mia Smoak yet.”

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