Kathryn Hahn on her WandaVision character: ‘I can tell you that she’s a nosy neighbor’

I got into watching WandaVision thanks to my friends Karen and Zakia, who watched the first three episodes with me over Zoom and kept telling me it would get better. I’m not really a Marvel person and usually see the movies once in the theater and then forget about them. However my friends love Marvel and are telling me about the timelines and backstory. (Thanks Ameerah!) I also watched the WandaVision explainer videos from ScreenCrush and they helped so much. The first three episodes were bizarre and I wasn’t sure I would keep watching, but episode four really pulls everything together in an interesting way and now I’m hooked. (For more on episode four, read Mike Redmond’s recap on Pajiba.) Kathryn Hahn plays Wanda and Vision’s neighbor, Agnes, and she’s perfect in it. There are all sorts of theories about who Kathryn could be based on the comics and the clues the show is dropping. In a new interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Hahn declined to give more information about her character and said that she doesn’t know about the fan theories because she’s never even had a computer until now! She’s not an Ann Patchett-level luddite, though, she just had an iPad before.

What are you legally allowed to tell us about your character on WandaVision
I can tell you that she’s a nosy neighbor. I can say that over and over again.

Is Agnes, your character, the villain Agatha Harkness in disguise? The clue is that you both have an oval shaped piece of jewelry at your neck.
[doesn’t answer, takes a drink]

Do you like to see people’s theories about what’s going on with your character on the show?
Not often because I do not really have access. Yesterday I got my first computer. Ever. I don’t have social media. You’re looking at somebody really off the grid.

You’ve never had a computer before?
My husband gave me his old one once. Why do I need it? I love a hard copy. I need my highlighter. I want a pencil. I had a computer intervention [from] my kids and my husband. ‘Mom, you need to get a computer. You cannot be bothering us with this stuff.’ I had a tutorial. [It] was all brand new to me because I’ve been doing it on an iPad.

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live]

After that Jimmy asked Kathryn if she could lift up her husband, who looked like a solid big guy. She got up and was wearing full jeans under her dress, which was funny. Spoiler – she was able to lift him up. They should do more stunts like that on remote interviews. That was pretty cute and I liked seeing her husband! Whenever I cover her I remember her saying that she had a dog who had to get multiple surgeries because he kept eating all her kids’ underwear. Her family sounds wacky and normal, is what I’m saying.

Kathryn is my age, 47, and she hasn’t had a computer until now! It sounds like she managed fine before with a phone and iPad and that she gets help from her kids and husband. She’s not making some holier than thou choice to not use social media or computers, it sounds like she just likes hard copies. As for WandaVision, I’ll keep watching because although I’m not heavily invested in it I like how it’s multi-layered and has such a clever premise. It makes me think. I’m deliberately being vague here to avoid spoilers but also because I don’t really know how to describe the show and I would screw up the details if I talked about it. I’ll just say I’m glad I stuck with it and that I’ll keep watching.

Here’s that interview:

Photos credit: Avalon.red. Some photos are screenshots from this New Rockstars video explaining Agnes’ character.

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