Katie Couric is an expert on the men of ‘Sex and the City’

Former “Today” anchor and apparent “Sex and the City” devotee Katie Couric out-super­fanned the HBO show’s superfans — when the news anchor went on a cult Instagram feed devoted to the show and expertly broke down all of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriends, to other commenters’ delight.

The feed, @EveryOutfitOnSATC — a self-described “quest to document every outfit” on the series for its 562,000 followers — posted a lengthy treatise on the character of Aidan, the furniture designer beau and Mr. Big nemesis played by John Corbett.

Said the in-depth post, in part, “Please allow us to explain why this Manic Pixie Artisan Boy is awful. And surprisingly, it has nothing to do with granola, turquoise jewelry, or casual leather pants-wearing.”

That’s when Couric chimed in on Aidan, plus many of the series’ other male love interests, as played by Chris Noth (John James “Mr. Big” Preston), Ron Livingston (Berger), David Eigenberg (Steve Brady), Jason Lewis (Smith Jerrod) and Evan Handler (Harry Goldenblatt).

Said Couric of the Aidan post: “This account [is] hilarious. For the record I didn’t like Berger either. Complete [email protected]&*. I’d sleep with Big (aka John) and marry Steve. Smith was hot but dumb.”

She added, “Mmmm anyone I’m forgetting. Oh yeah Harry . . . Nice but no can do.”

As far as Aidan, she agreed, “Aidan was always too crunchy for me. Not enough Zubee zubee zu . . . oops wrong show.”

Presumably she was referring to “Mad Men” and the tune “Zou Bisou Bisou” in one of that show’s iconic moments.

@EveryOutfitOnSATC founders Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni threw a fund-raiser for Cynthia Nixon in July. We hear the feed’s popular with celebs such as Busy Philipps, Aidy Bryant and Ilana Glazer.

Couric has admitted to being a “SATC” fan. She said in 2008: “I go to HBO on Demand, go to ‘Sex and the City,’ and I watch each episode 20 times.”

“We had no idea that she followed us. We’re very flattered by that,” the feed’s co-creator Fairless said when we reached out for comment. “We love that she gave us this hot take… It’s fun to know Katie is a fan.”

Fairless pointed out that Couric’s also one personality who could have been on “Sex and the City” as a guest star. “That’s a missed opportunity.” She imagined a scene in which a client of Samantha’s (Kim Cattrall) might be interviewed by the anchor.

Meantime, all the stars of the show have apparently followed the feed, except Cattrall, who once left a comment.

Couric will co-host “Good Day New York” on Monday with her pal Rosanna Scotto, we hear.

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