Keke Palmer Warns Men to Be Careful of What They Say About Women Online

Actress and singer Keke Palmer likes to make sure her suitors mean what they say when they woo her by snooping on their love life online.

The former “Scream Queens” star hates the idea of becoming just another girl on her boyfriend’s list of ladies, so she does her homework.

“When you go online you have to be careful of what you’re posting,” she explained during a recent appearance on U.S. show “The Talk“. “You might be saying, ‘Oh this is the best girl I’ve ever dated in my life, I love her with all my heart’, and and then you’ll be dating a new girl and you’ll be like, ‘I’ve never loved anyone like I loved you.’ ”

“All I have to do is go down your timeline like, ‘Who is Katrina? Because it seems like she was the only girl that you’ve ever loved in your life.’ ”

Keke is also keen to find love outside of the industry, insisting then the spotlight will not be as intense on the relationship.

“I’m very private about (my dating life),” she added. “First of all, I think I learned very early on that I want to separate my lifestyle from my industry and I think, for me, it’s most comfortable to date outside of the industry.”

“I don’t want that person to have to deal with all the attention that I’m constantly receiving, so I really love to keep that private.”

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