Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter Does This To Get Out Of Her Zoom School Classes

Kelly Clarkson shared a funny new anecdote about her daughter, River Rose.

Apparently, River has figured out a funny way to get out of her school classes and the work on Zoom – she freezes!

“My daughter does this thing, I don’t know if any of y’all have these kids, she’s actually, it’s quite funny,” Kelly shared the story during her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, this afternoon (November 12). “[She will] just pretend that her screen [is frozen]. She’s six. She’s six…I caught her just being [frozen].”

Kelly adds that River will do this for the sole purpose so “she doesn’t have to do what they’re asking her to do. I mean, points for the comedy, but reel it in, dude.”

Previously, Kelly shared another funny story about River and just which musician she wants to marry!

Earlier this summer, it’s being reported just how Kelly is making sure her children, River and Remington, are growing up in a stable environment, despite her and their father, Brandon Blackstock, going through a divorce.

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