Ken Wharfe: Prince Harry is ‘desperate’ to come back to the UK to see the Queen

The royal rota finally have their teeth in something solid: Prince Harry said, in his own words, that he wants to bring his wife and children to the UK for a visit, so they can know the country of his birth. Harry said this in a statement he made about wanting to pay for his own police protection while in the UK, and he is still seeking a Judicial Review on the matter. Now that the royal rota knows what he wants, they are hellbent on withholding it from him by any means necessary. Their nature is fundamentally punitive, and they’ve spent the past two years desperately searching for some way to attack Harry and get under his skin. This is how. Speaking of:

Prince Harry is “desperate” to get back to the UK this year, according to former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe. Mr Wharfe, who used to guard the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Princes William and Harry as children, told Palace Confidential on MailPlus that the Duke of Sussex “is going to make a real effort to come back here”. Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden followed this up by suggesting Harry is still keen to have his seven-month-old daughter Lilibet receive a royal christening.

Mr Eden remarked on the security row, saying: “What was very interesting is that the legal letter talked about his children…. He was worried that there wouldn’t be protection for his children, which makes me think he might come back on his own, because he may not be given the protection he needs for his children. For Prince Philip’s memorial, he may come on his own. He did that when it was the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.

“Baby Lilibet is seven months old now and she hasn’t been christened yet. Royal babies would normally be christened within three months but from what I’ve heard, Harry has made it clear he wants a royal christening for her, the same as Archie had, and so when is that going to happen?”

Mr Wharfe added: “The fact he has gone down this legal route to try and secure protection suggests to me that he is desperate and there is a real reason for him to come to the UK. He has two children that the Queen hasn’t effectively seen yet. The very fact he has made this noise with the British Government to secure protection suggests to me that he is going to make a real effort to come back here. I think we will see him return this year, for the Platinum Jubilee.”

[From The Daily Express]

Harry’s statement made it clear that he wants to bring his children and it’s widely assumed that if he doesn’t get police protection, he won’t bring them. How many times does this need to be said, repeated and analyzed? As for the stuff about Lilibet’s christening… that was a storyline in the British tabloids last fall, and I think it’s interesting we haven’t heard anything about it in a few months. I sincerely hope that Lilibet has already been christened quietly in Montecito. Maybe the Sussexes will drop some photos out of nowhere at some point. I mean, it’s not unheard of to delay a baby’s christening for months, and clearly Princess Eugenie and Zara Tindall delayed their babies’ christenings because of the lack of water from the Jordan River. So maybe Lili hasn’t been christened yet. Maybe Harry really is waiting and hoping that the path will be cleared for him to return for a visit with his family. Ugh. I wish they wouldn’t!

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