Kendall Jenner: I Don’t Care Avout Covid! Check Out My Smokin’ Bikini Body!

By now, you’ve probably caught wind of the latest scandal surrounding the Kardashian family.

Of course, there’s kind of a lot going on in the world these days, so we don’t blame if you missed it.

Long story short, Kim flew her family to Tahiti to celebrate her 40th birthday, and her endless boasting about the baller celebration rubbed many of her fans the wrong way.

When she took to social media to brag about her baller b-day celebration Kim seemed to have briefly forgotten that now is really not the time for flaunting obscene wealth.

Countless Twitter users have now reminded Kim that this is a time of unprecedented unemployment, and for the money she spent chartering a 777 to a private island, she could’ve helped thousands of her fans get caught up on rent.

The latter option would’ve helped Kim prove the critics wrong, shown the world that she and her sisters are not a bunch of vapid socialites, but true humanitarians, leaders prepared to help guide through one of the scariest times in modern history.

But the former approach is not without her its upsides.

After all, it gave Kendall Jenner yet another opportunity to remind us all that she looks really good in a bikini.

Yes, Kendall bikini pics were one of the only good things about the summer of 2020.

And now, it looks like they’re here to guide us through fall, as well.

Kenny really went all out this time, showcasing her flawless physique from multiple angles.

As usual, these pics are likely to prompt some spirited debates about who’s hotter — Kendall or Kylie Jenner?

But we’d like to remind you that in these divisive times, you don’t have to take a position on every issue just because you’re feeling pressured to do so.

Kendall and Kylie offer different things for different tastes and it’s perfectly acceptable to like both equally.

They’re chocolate vs. vanilla, Ginger vs. Maryane, Biden vs. … actually, you should probably go ahead and take a clear stance on that one.

There’s kind of a lot riding on it. 

Anyway, there’s been enought discussion about the Kardashians and politics this week.

Although we suppose it’s unavoidable, what with Kanye running for president, and Kim experiencing a major “let them eat cake” moment.

So perhaps it’s important for us to take this time to focus on one of the few things that we can all agree on as Americans.

Like the fact that Mount Rushmore would be way cooler if you wiped out those old dudes and replaced them with the members of the Kar-Jenner clan.

We kid!

One thing we can actually agree on is that Kendall is looking better than ever, and it’s her patriotic duty to continue [osting pics of herself in skimpy attire as the nation braces for civil war.

And in exchange, the rest of us will go out and vote to ensure that America remains the land of the free and the home of the bikini selfie.

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