Kendall Jenner Is Under Fire for Throwing a Huge Halloween Party With No Masks

Kendall Jenner is facing major backlash for throwing a huge Halloween party to celebrate her 25th birthday.

From photos, it appears Jenner, who is dressed up as Pamela Anderson, tried to keep the party off of social media with a note to guests. "Take all the photos you want, but please don't post on social media of any kind," it read. But her sister Kylie Jenner posted several photos and videos on Instagram anyway. In many of the pictures, several celebrities are all partying in costume without any masks. A video also shows Jenner blowing out candles while a waiter wearing a mask holds the cake.

One person shared the video writing, "Kendall Jenner blowing out candles as a masked waiter holds her cake and tries to move out of the way was actually the scariest thing I saw on Halloween." 

According to California's state government website, gatherings are only permitted when attendees are from no more than three separate households and should be no longer than two hours in duration. It's not clear how many people were actually in attendance at her party but many people were quick to point out that the event was not a good look in a global pandemic.

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Jenner is not the first person in the family to come under fire for partying during the pandemic. Just last week, Kim Kardashian sparked an outcry after posting that she rented an island for dozens of her friends and family to celebrate her 4oth birthday.

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