Kendall Jenner Was Just Accused of Posting Misleading Coronavirus Facts

Though we had some idea of what the coronavirus (COVID-19) was capable of, the western world has been slow to react to the pandemic that has been sweeping the globe. The first signs of the virus became known in late 2019 in China. Now, more than three months later, the United States is finally taking drastic measures to endure we halt the spread of the disease.

There has been a great deal of misinformation and confusion. At first, doctors advised that the best thing we can all do is wash out hands, cover our mouths with our elbows if we sneeze and or/cough, and remain home if we’re feeling ill.

However, the alarm level has elevated considerably. All major media events, sports, and concerts have been canceled. Restaurants, movie theaters, and schools are closed across the country. People are being told to practice social distancing and self-isolation until we know more about what’s going to happen. All the while, the death toll in the U.K. and Italy are on the rise from the virus. Unfortunatly, some people and celebrities like Kendall Jenner still don’t quite get it.

Many people are carrying on as normal amid the coronovirus crisis

Since there was such a lack of information and the government’s delayed response to the coronavirus, many people including celebrities and political figures were continuing on with business as usual. Now, Los Angeles and New York, the two biggest cities in the United States have close their doors to the majority of their businesses. People are finally getting worried.

Now people are hoarding toiler paper, working from home if they can, and remaining inside the house. It has been extremely terrifying and traumatic, but it looks like we have a plan in place at last.

Kendall Jenner called coronavirus mild

Since there are so many myths about coronavirus floating around and the government was treating it casually, many people asssumed it was nothing more than the flu. While many of us went about in our own ignorance — celebrities have millions of followers on social media.

With 124 million Instagram followers alone, Jenner inadvertently misled meany people when she called the virus mild. She posted a Instagram story with a chart about the virus from the website Information Is Beautiful. The graphics suggest that most cases of coronavirus are mild and that the “bulk of people” and that most people who have it recover.

Kendall Jenner is being dragged for her coronavirus comments

Though she was probably just attempting to calm people’s fears, Jenner’s comments got many people upset. Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni clapped back at the supermodel. “For people who have such a huge voice, like Kendall Jenner, please don’t underestimate the problem,” Ferragni said on an Instagram video. “This is like a serious problem. It’s in my country and it’s going to be in so many different countries right now, so please say what is right and raise awareness.” The entire country of Italy is currently locked down.

“I can assure you, it’s not just a f*cking flu,” she continued. “It might be for some people, but for so many others, it gives so many complications. If so many people get sick at the same time, like it’s happening in Italy, the hospital will collapse because we don’t have enough intensive care units and breathing machines to help everybody – even young people that have complications.”

At present, 137,000 people worldwide have contracted coronavirus. More than 5,000 have died.

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