Kendall Jenner’s Hair Makeover: Model Shows Off New Bangs In Glam Selfie – Love Or Loathe Her Look?

Kendall Jenner is rocking a brand new hairdo…or hair don’t as fans are divided over her sporting bangs. We’ve got the photo where she looks nearly unrecognizable.

Kendall Jenner is that you? The 23-year-old model showed off a new hairstyle on Feb. 4 and she looks so different. In an Instagram selfie she’s rocking long bangs covering her forehead and her hair appears shorter on the sides. The Kar-Jenners are known for their love of hair extensions and wigs so we’re not sure if she actually hit the salon and underwent the big chop or if she’s just trying out a new look. Kenny didn’t really have a part line as the bangs were swept forward from the back of her head.

This seems to be a test run with a possible wig as Kendall asked her fans “yes, no, maybe so?” One person responded “Definitely a yes,” and another added “Oh yes absolutely,” while a number of people simply responded “No💔.”  One fan told Kendall “You look exactly like your mom,” which is probably a compliment since at 63-years-old Kris Jenner still looks great. A fan told her the same thing but made sure to let Kendall know it was a compliment by writing “You look like your mom and you really look like her with the shades on. It’s not a bad thing it’s a great thing.”

Kendall just looked so different that she appeared to be sister Kim Kardashian, 38, on first glance. Her lips looked puffier than usual and she was doing one of Kim’s duck faces where she was sucking in her cheeks and pushing out her pout. A fan even joked “@kimkardashian stop being thirsty,” next to Kendall’s pic. Others added “Twin sis with @kimkardashian,” and “@kimkardashian she’s literally trying to be you.”

yes, no, maybe so?

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After the photo she added a video of herself pouting and preening for the camera the way Emily Ratajkowski has been fond of doing, and with her brown eyes and bigger lips fans took notice of the resemblance. “Tryna pull the Emrata look,” one told her and others wrote “@emrata twinz” and “Is Emily Ratajkowski your lost sister?” Others noticed her exaggerated features, as a fan told Kendall, “Noo! your natural look is what makes you different and prettier,” while another added “You and your sisters are morphing into 1 person. All look plastic.” Ouch! Well, hopefully the exaggerated lips are thanks to makeup and the bangs appear to be temporary.

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