Keyshia Cole Reveals She Was Trolling Fans With Pregnancy News: ‘Stop Body Shaming Me’

Keyshia Cole may not be having a baby, but she DID just have a good laugh at our expense. Did you fall for it? We sure did! Find out why the singer pulled the wool over our eyes!

Don’t take back your congrats just yet! While Keyshia Cole, 36, may not have a bun in her oven like she told us, she did just pull off the perfect pregnancy prank — and that deserves a round of applause! Who knew she had this much trolling talent in her? It all started on July 6 when her social media post got us hook, line and sinker. The singer posted a photo in a head-to-toe animal print outfit, captioning the shot, “#PreggoInMyFashionNovaFit.” She was then flooded with congratulatory messages for her and her boyfriend, Niko Khale, but now she’s got everyone swallowing their words.

“I KINDA APOLOGIZE for #TROLLING yesterday, telling y’all I was #PREGGO,” Keyshia wrote the next day. While her photo was fun and carefree, featuring the star in a rainbow crop top wearing a huge smile, what she said next was serious. “Y’all need to stop body shaming me and sayin I’m PREGNANT EVERY OTHER DAY !!!! Like seriously, it hurts my feelings.” Aw! We totally get where she’s coming from. How is this mother of one supposed to maintain body confidence when rumors that she’s expecting spread across the Internet like wildfire? We’ve got to give her props for calling everybody out.

That being said, we were pretty bummed to find out she was messing with our heads. Keyshia’s son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., is such a cutie — with his own Instagram, FYI — and would make the best big bro!

If Keyshia and Niko ever do decide to have a baby, we hope she doesn’t mind if we need a sonogram or a baby bump as proof. We won’t be so gullible next time around!

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