Khloé Kardashian May Have Just Shut Down Rumors She Wants to Marry Tristan Thompson

Khloé Kardashian may or may not have just shut down the rumors that she wants to marry Tristan Thompson. Yesterday, People wrote a story where an anonymous source told them that Khloé is happy with her decision to stay in Cleveland and is thinking about marriage in the future.

“Khloé wants to get married eventually, but there are no serious wedding talks yet,” the source said. “She does talk about a future with Tristan, though. She believes they can figure things out and have a happy life together.”

That story was published at 4:58 p.m. Then, at 8:01 p.m., Khloé tweeted this:

I can’t believe some of the stories people create. Where do they come from and who are these “sources”? Hummmm ?

“I can’t believe some of the stories people create,” she wrote. “Where do they come from and who are these “sources”? Hummmm.”

In fairness, there are tons of stories written about the Kardashians every single day, and lots of them have anonymous sources. There was a three hour gap between when this story was posted and when she tweeted about the topic, but it’s totally possible the two are related, which would imply that she’s not thinking about marriage with Tristan, and the whole thing is a false alarm.

In the story, the source (who possibly can’t be trusted if you read too far into Khloé’s tweet) said that she seems happier every day. “She wants her family to be together. She keeps Tristan on a short leash. He has been very apologetic.”

So idk who you want to believe, but Khloé is either headed for the altar, or laughing about the internet thinking she is. TBD!

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