Khloé Kardashian shuts down 12 face transplants claim and details surgery shes had

Khloé Kardashian has fiercely denied claims that she has had “12 face transplants” as rumours continue to swirl over her changing facial appearance.

The 37 year old has been at the centre of discussion over her evolving looks for a while as she has appeared considerably different to how she looked in the earlier years of her fame.

Alongside this, Khloé has been accused of constantly sharing photos of herself that some fans have branded as “fake” and has continued to receive criticism for promoting an unattainable self-image on social media.

But it seems as though the reality star has had enough, particularly after recent claims she'd gone as far as having multiple transplants to achieve her desired look, and hit back at the accusations before revealing what she has had done.

Speaking on the Not Skinny But Fat podcast, she said: “It did use to bother me when people were [saying] I’ve had 12 face transplants.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I have?’ I was like, ‘That’s crazy’. It didn’t bother me. It offended me.

“I just couldn’t figure out why people thought that. I’ve had one nose job that I love. Like, I want everyone to know. … I don’t care to lie about it.

“But the transplant thing, I just want to understand why. That sounds amazing later in life, but now, I’m good.”

The Hulu star also mentioned hating being compared to her famous sisters, who have also received criticism over their appearances, as she continued: “Either with …the old me versus what I look like now…or even just comparing me to my sisters all the time.

“It’s like, you guys, this is what we look like, so I feel like you should know by now, and enough. Oh, my God, I hear it all the time.”

In April 2021, Khloé finally admitted to US host Andy Cohen on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion show that she'd had a nose job and insisted that was her only procedure as she addressed the plastic surgery rumours.

“I’ve done, sure, injections — not really Botox. I’ve responded poorly to Botox,” she said.

Last year, the star caused more controversy when an unaltered photo of herself appeared online by the mistake of her team.

Khloé threatened legal action against anyone else who attempted to re-publish the image, leading fans to further criticise her, as one person said: “The reality is that Khloé is in a body-conscious, hypercritical prison that is partially of her own making and with every decision to edit, filter, airbrush, Facetune, distort, and divorce herself from her actual image, she further fortifies this prison.”

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