Khloé Kardashian SHUTS DOWN Social Media User Who Said The KarJenners Didn't Encourage Voting Enough!

We’ve been told time and time again throughout this election season that every single vote counts — and as we await the results of who won the Presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, it’s clear just how true that aphorism really is!

So some are left wondering if everyone, including mega-influential celebs like the Kardashian-Jenners, actually did their part.

Well, Khloé Kardashian came to her famous family’s defense on Wednesday after one social media user claimed their crew actually didn’t do enough to encourage their millions of followers to vote this year!

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The Twitter critic spoke up after the momma of one tweeted out her very relatable feelings of anxiety about the incredibly close ongoing race. KoKo first wrote:

“I am seeing that so many people were unable to sleep because of the elections. Even people not from this country. Many are riddled with nerves. Try to take care of yourselves today. 30 mins of praying or meditation may help. We will all get through this together. We have to.”

In a follow-up tweet, she added that she hadn’t slept, “not for a minute,” presumably since poll workers began crunching the numbers on Tuesday. Sounds awful! Definitely take your own advice and nap at some point, gurl.

While some people did respond to her message kindly, one follower seized the opportunity to call the Keeping Up With the Kardashian stars out for allegedly dropping the ball with their messages (or in this case, a lack thereof) on voting:

“Not being funny, but you your family are huge influencers and I haven’t seen any of you try and push the vote!”

Wait, did this person happen to miss her sister Kim Kardashian West‘s (suspiciously edited) “I VOTED” photo that caused a stir?? We’ll get to that in a second, but there’s even more evidence to suggest this person was, in fact, wrong — and the 36-year-old quickly clapped back with the receipts!!

The Good American designer, who also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to call potential voters earlier this month, quipped:

“My family & I have encouraged the importance of voting, registering to vote and using your platforms. we have been posting for weeks/weeks where people can register. Where people can vote. We have made it super simplistic/easy. Please be fully informed before u make untrue claims.”


The thing is, the KarJenners still posted about their usual stuff including lip kits, selfies, and even a few more holiday snaps from Halloween. But as we just mentioned, KKW did use her platform to raise awareness about the election, including this message with her now-viral photo:

“I VOTED!!!! Did you?!?! If you are in line when the hours of operation close at the polls, they are required to stay open and allow you to vote, so do not get out of line!”

And as you can see in our shot up top, sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner got in on the action too. Kylie’s bikini thirst trap photo caused a legit surge in voter registration!

Kendall Jenner even used her Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire inspired Halloween costume to get her message out there!

And let’s not forget Kanye West definitely encouraged people to vote, though he did want people to vote for Kanye West!

It’s worth noting Khloé didn’t share one of those photos herself, but considering the dig was at her family overall, we’d say she won this one by a country mile! But HBU, Perezcious readers? Do U think the krew did enough this election cycle?

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