Khloé Kardashian’s Issue With Getting Back With Tristan Thompson Makes Sense

They’ve been through a lot together, but Khloé Kardashian’s issue with getting back with Tristan Thompson has nothing to do with his past transgressions. No, in a new clip teasing the March 25 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloé revealed she was more concerned with what fans might have to say about the reconciliation. The topic came up when Khloé confronted Scott Disick about a comment he made on one of her Instagram posts.

ICYMI: Back in August, Scott made headlines when he responded to a bikini picture Khloé had posted on Instagram by commenting, "@realtristan13 is a lucky man!"

Apparently, people had a lot of thoughts on Scott seemingly confirming Khloé and Tristan were back together. "Scott, I got a whole lot of action this weekend and Friday from your little comment you made on the ‘gram," she vented. "The amount of action I received?" In fact, the "action" got so out of hand that Khloé admitted she had to delete Scott’s well-intentioned comment to avoid the "unnecessary drama" that was being stirred up by it. "Then I had to remove my tagged photos," she added. "Everyone is putting clown stuff all over me."

Throughout the clip, Khloé maintained public opinion was a huge obstacle in her potentially getting back together with Tristan.

During a confessional, she revealed Scott’s comment left her "bombarded with text messages" and her publicist telling her "media outlets want answers." She later told Scott, "when all this outside noise is not around me, we are great. Tristan and I operate fine, we have fun together, it’s enjoyable, it’s easy."

Things were extra frustrating because Khloé, herself, wasn’t yet sure what she and Tristan were doing. She vented in a confessional, "I don’t even know what’s happening, so why do I have to be pressured to give people answers that I don’t have for myself?"

Luckily, Khloé’s family didn’t seem to be adding to the negative noise surrounding her relationship. After hearing her sister’s conversation with Scott, Kim Kardashian chimed in, "I’m so over you bowing down to what the public thinks." Scott agreed, "Yeah! Like, f*ck them!"

Scott also noted Khloé’s worries about public opinion may wind up hurting Tristan’s feelings. "On the flip side — yes, Tristan f*cked up —but what about him? There’s gonna come a point where he doesn’t want to feel that you’re embarrassed of him still," Scott reasoned. "That’s still gotta be kind of hard."

Here’s to hoping Tristan and Khloé have found a way to do what’s right for them without any input from the public.

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