Kim K Freaks Over Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Scandal In Shocking ‘KUWTK’ Preview — ‘I Hate Him’

Don’t mess with Kim Kardashian! — Watch her angry reaction when she finds out about Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal in this brand new ‘KUWTK’ preview clip!

Cheating scandals, babies, social media wars … The answers to Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans’ questions will be answered on the latter half of the show’s 15th season! — This is according to a brand new shocking preview for episodes to come! In the above clip, Kim Kardashian, 37, is seen lashing out about Tristan Thompson, 27, and the cheating scandal that he and Khloe, 34, were embroiled in back in April.

“They have another video of him,” Kim is seen talking to someone on the phone about Tristan. As you may know, multiple videos of Tristan getting close to other women were exposed just days before Khloe gave birth. The clip then shows a photo of an upset Khloe, as Kim lashes out. “I hate him!… Sorry not sorry,” she says with angry, adding that she’s unfollowed Tristan on social media.

The preview then goes straight to Khloe’s birth, where she makes a comment on her relationship drama. “The things I can control I have to be able to control,” Khloe says. The Good American designer is then filmed going into labor, nervous that her loved ones won’t make it to Cleveland in time! “I hope everyone gets here in time,” KoKo says from her hospital bed.

Later on, Kim defends her marriage to Kanye West. Kim is heard defending her husband following controversial comments he made, which led to speculation that he had mental issues. “Just because he has an opinion that doesn’t mean he’s mentally ill,” she says.

The preview clip also features Kim and Kourtney’s roles in congress, specifically with Kim helping set Alice Johnson free from prison on a first time drug offense; Khloe’s baby shower; Kim and Kourtney‘s feud that’s played out all season;

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