Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Denies She Got Lip Injections While Flaunting Huge Pout — Before & After Pics

Like mother, like daughter? It’s no secret that Ariana Biermann, 16, looks exactly like her mom Kim — all the way down to her larger than life lips. She claims they’re natural, but what do you think?

Kim Zolciak, 40, and her daughter Brielle Biermann, 21, have both admitted to having work done on their lips — but even though there’s speculation that younger sis Ariana, 16, has done the same, she’s sticking to her guns! Call it Mother Nature, call it makeup, call it whatever you want, but don’t call it collagen injections. In a recent Instagram selfie of the teen with her signature pout, she was quick to clarify in her caption, “Yes I’m wearing a shirt and no I didn’t get my lips done.” How’d she know we were going to ask?

Maybe because rumors have been flying about Ariana’s lips for awhile, especially after Kim posted a selfie with her daughters last month. They literally looked like triplets! So if Kim and Brielle’s big ol’ lips come from injections, wouldn’t it make sense if Ariana’s puffy pout did, too? Maybe she’ll eventually follow in her older sister’s footsteps and come clean on Instagram. That’s where Brielle chose to thank the woman who worked on her lips, writing, “My lips are my biggest insecurity and I’m so happy with my results now! You truly are the best! even though I hate needles you made this very easy.”

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, Kylie Jenner just removed her lip fillers, but the makeup mogul was sporting them proudly for quite awhile. So if Ariana has had work done, no one’s going to judge her for spilling the beans. But if she keeps claiming they’re the real deal, we’ll just have to take her at her word — even though her before and after pictures seem to say otherwise.

Whatever the case, the teen looks gorgeous. We’d love a makeup tutorial on how she gets that pout so perfect!

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