Kimberly Wyatt and Family Living Off Their Own Garden During Lockdown

The Pussycat Dolls singer, husband Max Rogers, and their children eat fruits and vegetables from their own garden while they are self-isolating during lockdown.

AceShowbizThe Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt has developed quite the green finger during the coronavirus lockdown after growing her own fruits and vegetables.

The pop star lives in the U.K. with her husband, British model Max Rogers, and their three young children, and Kimberly decided to use her time in isolation to bump up her garden’s produce, having nurtured her vegetable patch for several years.

“I’ve been on a sustainability journey for a good 10 years now,” she told BANG Showbiz.

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“Our major goals as a family are to create a sustainable home, to grow our own food, and to find ways to be mindful of how we use our electricity. We drive an electric car and we save heat and disperse it around the house. Sustainability is a huge focus, and there’s lot more people who are making that a priority of their own.”

Kimberly – who was crowned the winner of the U.K.’s “Celebrity MasterChef” in 2015 – is also committed to having a sustainable Christmas and ensures she only cooks meals her family is guaranteed to gobble up to minimise food waste in what is a holiday known for excess.

She said, “I’m really focused on trying to make it a sustainable and stress-free Christmas. Stuff like cooking a lunch you know the family will love so there’s a lot less waste. I also make use of browning fruit or half-eaten fruit and cut wastage by making it into a new recipe such as a banana cake or a banana pear cake. I’m always finding ways to be mindful of how we are spending the holidays and I’m trying to use this time to boost sustainability.”

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