Krysten Ritter Is Directing A ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3 Episode, So Get Ready

Like Luke Cage Season 2, Jessica Jones Season 2 ended on a somewhat distressing note. Jessica is a character who always pushed the people who cared about her the most away. But the time the final episode ended, she’d succeeded far more handily than was good for her. Malcolm was working for her competitor, her best client had gone with him, and Trish had walked away too. But there’s good news for the actress who plays Jessica Jones. Krysten Ritter is directing a Jessica Jones Season 3 episode for the coming year.

Jumping to directing is a big step, especially when you’re the star of the show, and are also in front of the camera. In some cases, the episode in question is one where the lead has a significantly reduced on-screen role. Star Trek: The Next Generation, for example, was famous for having their ensemble of leads direct, but usually in cases where their characters were in some way absent from the storyline. Gates McFadden, for example, directed the episode "Genesis." Her character, Dr. Crusher spends most of the hour in stasis.

I mention McFadden because she’s the rare female lead to be promoted behind the camera. Most lead stars who make the jump are more like Star Trek‘s Jonathan Frakes. Or in the case of the Marvel TV universe, Clark Gregg over on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As for when fans will get to see Jessica Jones Season 3, that’s still up in the air. As far as anyone knows, Netflix is only planning on releasing three series this year, as it did last year, with Jones 2 back in March, Cage 2 last week and then Daredevil 3 sometimes in the next six months.

But it’s hard not to notice Jones 2 and Cage 2 were released on a more quarterly schedule than Netflix has done previously. Last year, Netflix released Iron Fist in March, Defenders in August and Punisher in November. This year Jones 2 came in March, but Cage 2 is already here in June, suggesting if Daredevil 3 turns up by September, there would be room for one more before the year is out.

Then there are the accelerated production schedules. Iron Fist 2 is already finished filming. The Punisher 2 is due to be done by mid-August, and Jones 3 is clearly already underway. It wouldn’t make sense for Marvel to have all these finished episodes in the can and then sit on them for nearly a year.

Either way, Jessica Jones Season 3 won’t come out before Iron Fist 2 and The Punisher 2, so she definitely won’t arrive until 2019. Until then fans will just have to wait.

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