Lana Condor Says She Was Asked to Act Like Hello Kitty in an Audition

Lana Condor had a candid conversation about representation in Hollywood with her To All The Boys co-star Janel Parrish.

In the discussion, the duo stressed the importance of seeing people they can relate to in movies and television.

For Lana growing up, that person was Janel. While the duo expressed how happy they were to see more representation in what they watch, they also admitted there is still a lot to be done.

“There’s still a lot more work that needs to be done in terms of representation and the way that we’re seen,” Lana said in the Katie Couric video.

In fact, Lana added she was once asked to act like Hello Kitty in an audition, playing into harmful stereotypes.

“I was in this audition and they literally said to me, ‘Be like Hello Kitty.’ I ended up being like, ‘Well I’m probably not the kind of person you’re looking for then,” Lana explained.

Listen to all that Lana and Janel had to say here…

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