Late Rush Drummer Neil Peart Honored With Pavilion In Hometown

Late Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart will be honored in his home city with a pavilion named after him.

The Neil Peart Pavilion is in the Port Dalhousie area of St. Catharines, Ontario. Peart died in January at 67 after suffering from glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

“The public voting on naming is obviously fairly conclusive,” Councilman Bruce Williamson told the St. Catharines Standard. “Neal Peart’s been one of our most famous local individuals, and a lot of his songs have local roots, including the namesake park.”

Peart joined Rush in 1974. He was considered one of the best rock drummers of all time, alongside John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and Keith Moon of The Who.

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