Liam Neeson Reveals He Used a Butt Double in This Scene With Charlize Theron! (Video)

Liam Neeson is getting honest about his backside.

The 67-year-old Academy Award nominee made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (February 20).

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During his appearance, Liam revealed that he enlisted his longtime stunt double Mark Vanselow to shoot a scene showing his bare butt in 2014′s Seth MacFarlane-directed A Million Ways to Die in the West alongside Charlize Theron.

“I hate my Irish butt, okay?” he joked.

In the scene, Liam‘s character falls to the ground with his pants down, exposing his butt, allowing Charlize‘s character to put a flower between his butt cheeks.

“I said to Mark: ‘Mark, this is a sign of our friendship — would you ever do this scene where Charlize Theron puts a daisy in your butt?’ And he said, ‘Sure,’ I gave him a big hug afterwards and said, ‘There’s no f—king way that anybody’s going to see my Irish butt.’”

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Watch him reveal the truth…

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