Lindsay Lohan Is Being Sued for Breaching Contract with Book Publisher

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by HarperCollins, the publishing company that signed her to a book deal back in 2014.

The actress agreed to write a book for the publisher over six years ago and it was supposed to be completed by May 2015. When she didn’t deliver the book, the due date was changed to March 2017, though she still didn’t give them a book to publish.

HarperCollins says they paid Lindsay a sum of $365,000 as an advance against future royalties. In September 2018, the publisher told her the book deal was canceled and they asked for the advance money back, but she never refunded the money, according to TMZ.

Lindsay is being sued for $365,000, plus interest and legal fees.

In other Lindsay news, she announced a brand new business right before the lawsuit news went public.

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