Lisa Hochstein showcases fab figure in baby blue bikini on the beach

Lisa Hochstein shows off toned figure in a blue bikini during a beach day in Miami… just a week after husband Lenny’s shock divorce filing

Lisa Hochstein is likely to be still adjusting to her new-found singles life after being ‘blindsided’ by her husband’s surprising divorce filing just over a week ago.

To help navigate through these tough times, The Real Housewives Of Miami star appears to have directed much of her attention and focus on her two children, as seen during a day of fun in the sun n Miami Beach.

Once settled with her kids and some choice friends on the sand, not too far from the incoming waves, the reality star cut a stunning and stylish figure when she took off her outwear to reveal her tiny baby blue beaded bikini.

Needed distraction: Lisa Hochstein, 39, put her fab figure on display when she hit the beach in Miami with her two children and friends in a skimpy baby blue bikini

The soft-looking two-piece, which had subtle beads resembling polka-dots, complimented her busty and fit figure in all the right ways.

At times, she would slip on a white lace wrap, that fell to around her ankles, whenever she wanted to take a stroll in and around the beach.

But for the most part, she looked to be happy and confident parading her fab figure on display while walking too and from the ocean and along the shoreline.

Fashionista: Hochstein also had a shorter white lace wrap that she wore whenever she wandered off along the beach or took off towards the streets

Keeping brave face: On several occasions the Toronto, Canada native flashed a glowing smile

Prepared for the beach: The RHOM star carried her essential items in a large white bag and wore dark sunglasses when she arrived on the beach

With the sun glaring down and temperatures hovering in the mid-80s Fahrenheit as a high, Lisa wore a sun visor over parts of her head and face.

Later in the afternoon, it appeared the fitness guru was wearing another white lace wrap, only this one was much shorter, falling to around her mid-thigh.

For the afternoon outing, she decided to pull her dyed blonde tresses back off her face and into a ponytail. 

Whenever she got a chance, the Toronto, Canada native also slipped off for some alone time, albeit, briefly, wearing sun video over her sunglasses.

Chilling: At times, the Toronto native strolled up and down the sand by herself

Fit: The two-piece number helped showcase her amazingly toned curves

Mingling: Lisa spent time chatting with a friend or two away 

Lisa spent a good portion of time relaxing in a lounge chair with her family and friends, which included a couple of umbrella coverings.

She also spent time chatting with a friend or two while sitting on the sand while wearing her sunglasses and sun visor.

And, of course, Lisa made sure to take a stroll or two towards the gorgeous ocean water, where she got her feet and body wet from the incoming waves.

Lisa spent a good portion of time relaxing in a lounge chair with her family and friends, which included a couple of umbrella coverings.

 Stunned: The mother of two only just found out her husband filed for divorce on May 20

Stunning developments: Lisa told Page Six that she was ‘blindsided’ by Lenny’s ‘reckless handling of the situation,’ amid the divorce proceedings

The RHOM star also carried a pair of white sandals, along with her bag of goodies

On the go: The 39-year-old was spotted making her way off the beach

One day earlier, Lisa posted a photo of herself posing on a balcony overlooking the ocean decked out in a two-toned mini skirt and baby blue bikini top.

For this round of images the TV star’s voluminous blonde locks flowed over one shoulder while she gazed towards the camera over the other shoulder.

Flaunting a full face of makeup, Hochstein stood in sky-high blue heels as she showed off her womanly curves.

Smokin’: Hochstein put on a sizzling display when she shared new snapshots with her 521,000 followers on Instagram Saturday

Impressive: Lisa uploaded content in her tiny bikini, showing off her perky bosom and flat abs

Lisa skipped a caption, but still managed to rack up thousands of likes from her loyal fans in short order.

Taking to her Instagram Stories feature, the media personality also shared a short video snippet as she lounged and relaxed.

At one point, she reclined on a beach chair that was covered with a white towel while seductively staring into the camera lens.

The beauty looked amazing in a smilar, if not same, beaded blue string bikini that gave admirers an up close look at her pert cleavage. 

Consistent: The RHOM star, 39, has continued to post to her audience of admirers following her public split from husband Lenny Hochstein, 55

All of her Memorial Day weekend fun comes in the wake of he spouse of 12 years officially filing for divorce on May 20.

The plastic surgeon, known as the “Boob God” of Miami, declared ‘irreconcilable differences have arisen between the parties to the extent that their marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no present hope for a meaningful reconciliation’ in divorce documents obtained by The Sun.

It turns out the former couple had a prenuptial agreement in place when they got married in 2009.

It’s over: Her spouse of about 13 years, plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein, filed for divorce May 20 after previously separating as a couple

Lenny also recently announced his new romance with 26-year-old Austrian model Katharina Mazepa. 

He had maintained that his relationship with Mazepa did not have any impact on the breakdown of his marriage to Lisa.

Lenny is asking the court that both he and Lisa ‘enjoy substantial time-sharing’ with their daughter Elle, two, and son Logan, six.

He claims that both he and his ex ‘agreed to dissolve their marriage at least a month ago,’ and that he offered to pay for her legal fees.

Happier times: Lenny paid tribute to his wife in an Instagram post on their anniversary 

The proud father plans on paying for all of their children’s health insurance, private school education, and ‘enrichment in school activities’, as well as spousal support to Lisa as outlined in their prenuptial agreement.

In addition, he has also asked that the court equitably distribute all non-marital assets.

In a more recent development, it appears Mazepa had liked and commented on Instagram pictures of Lenny with his now estranged wife over the past two years.

The Bravo fan Instagram account @bravoaholics was the first to pick up on the old social media responses Mazepa had posted to his account.

Taking the high road: Lenny also said he plans on paying for all of their children’s health insurance, their private school education, and ‘enrichment in school activities’

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