Liverpool Demonstration Protesting Lockdown in England

These images tell a sad story, that much of the world may not get out of the COVID grip anytime soon, because hundreds of angry Brits took to the streets to protest in reckless fashion.

The huge crowd gathered at St. George’s Hall in the Liverpool City Centre to protest the lockdown that’s currently in place as coronavirus explodes both in England and many other parts of the world, including, of course, the USA.

Face masks were almost non-existent and there was zero social distancing, as protesters expressed their displeasure with the restrictions. There was also an anti-vax element to the demonstration.

Police were out in force, as the Merseyside Police Dept. issued a statement, calling the demonstrators “selfish and irresponsible.”

Sixteen people were arrested for breaching public order, as well as violating coronavirus rules than prohibit mass gatherings.

The British government has issued stay-at-home orders, with exceptions for essential runs.

The infection rate has gone down a bit in England, but it’s still bad. The restrictions seemed to be working, but with all the discord and mixed messaging, it’s hard to believe we’ll get this under control anytime soon.

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