Liverpool fans will love what Jamie Carragher was doing in Kiev

Jamie Carragher has joined in the carnival atmosphere in Kiev ahead of the Champions League final.

The Liverpool legend, 40, flew out to Ukraine earlier this week as the Reds prepare to take on Real Madrid.

And as thousands of fans partied in Kiev on Friday night, Anfield favourite Carragher was right among them.

Footage has emerged of Liverpool fans singing in a bar as they belted out their now famous Mohamed Salah song.

Reds supporters have created their very own version of James’ hit-single Sit Down’, which has been chanted on the terraces throughout this incredible Champions League campaign.

The song has even been given the seal of approval from lead singer Tim Booth, who said: "I’ve always had a good soft spot for Liverpool and their ability to find a witty song – so, great, they can have it.

“We’ve been precious with Sit Down . We know it means a lot to people and we’ve stopped a lot of adverts or people using it in ways that we felt might denigrate it.

“But one of the greatest footballers in the world can have it, when he’s playing such beautiful football it’s a pleasure.”

Carragher has been working for Danish channel TV3 Sport throughout the campaign and is likely to be doing so again on Saturday night.

He is yet to return to Sky Sports after being suspended in March following his spitting shame.

It remains unclear if he will return for the new season, which gets underway in August.

Will Liverpool win this Champions League final?


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