Lizzo exposes backside by twerking in THONG at LA Lakers game

Lizzo steals the show at LA Lakers game as she exposes her backside by twerking in THONG while courtside

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Minnesota Timberwolves in an offensive showdown, 142-125, in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Despite the massive output from world-class superstars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the game became back-page news to the antics of Lizzo, 31, who was sitting court-side.  

During a break in the action, while the Laker Girls were busting their moves to her hit tune Juice, the singer-rapper started dropping her own dance moves, and in the process exposed her thong and booty.

MOre than a move: Lizzo, 31, stole the show from the LA Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves when she bared her booty and thong when she dance court-side to  her song Juice during a break in the action

Lizzo stood up and broke into her dance moments after the beat of her song kicked in. 

During her excitement, the Michigan star proceeded to turn around and began to twerk with her derriere, thong and fishnets on full display.

What’s more: the revealing exhibition was all caught on camera and shown on the arena’s jumbo-tron, for all the fans to see.

Juicier: The Michigan native couldn’t resist dancing to her own song when the Laker Girls used it for their routine during a break in the game

Working it: The songstress was more than excited to rock out to her own tune

Stunned! Many of the fans around Lizzo snapped photos and videos during her dance

From the looks and sounds of things, the crowd couldn’t get of enough of her bum-bearing antics, especially the ones seated around her, who were snapping photos and videos.

Turns out the pop star showed up to the game decked out in a black shirt-dress that had a huge hole cut out to reveal her bottom assets.

Suffice to say, Lizzo has quickly became all the talk on social media and the world-wide-web.

Owning it: Lizzo wore a black shirt-dress that had a big hole cutout out to reveal her derriere 

On display: Lizzo’s revealing antics were shown on the jumbo-tron for all to see

A number of sources have reported that she did not get tossed out of the arena for her revealing ensemble.

The songstress began her career when she was living in Minneapolis, which eventually resulted in her first studio album, Lizzobangers, in 2013.

She gained massive mainstream success this past year with her third album, Cuz I Live You, which peaked at number five on the Billboard 200.

With a push from her two hit singles, Tempo and Juice, she has since been nominated for eight Grammy Awards for the upcoming ceremony that takes place back at the Lakers home in Staples Center on January 26, 2020.

Confident lady: Lizzo was caught walking through one of the turnstiles in her revealing outfit

Confident: Lizzo has never been shy in taking pride in her body

Shooting star: Lizzo is up for eight Grammys when the awards ceremony is held at Staples Center in Los Angeles in January 2020






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