Lorde Revealed 1 Surprising Item She Takes On Tour

Every celebrity is different in likes and dislikes about touring, but especially so when it comes to what they find important to bring with them. When it comes down to it, packing options are limited due to the tight space and prolonged-time/distance away from home, so musicians must decide what matters most. 

Despite being pop star royalty, Lorde often says she’s not built for the pop star life. Fortunately, one item, in particular, makes touring the world as a pop star just a touch easier. Keep in mind that while it’s different, it certainly isn’t the weirdest item to make it on an artist’s tour. 

‘Royals’ sent Lorde straight to the top in 2013

It all started with a childhood dream and winning a high school talent show with her friend. According to Biography.com, Lorde was invited to sing songs and covers at a local radio show following her talent show win in 2009. 

By 2011, she started performing her own songs under her label with Universal Music Group. The same year would bless the world with her first collection of songs, The Love Club EP

This is the same collection of hits that trusted the young singer into the spotlight with her biggest hit — “Royals” — which also won her two Grammy wins for Song of The Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.

In 2013, she introduced her first studio album, Pure Heroine, and Yellow Flicker Beat followed in 2014. Three short years later, Lorde introduced Melodrama.

Now her biggest fans are highly anticipating her new album release, set to release sometime “this season,” following its first single hit, “Solar Power.” 

Almost 10 years later, and there’s one comfort item that still follows her on tour

If you didn’t know it, now you do: touring is very mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting for musicians. 

Although it’s a life many musicians prefer to live, it doesn’t come without its challenges. The items you take with you often reduce those challenges. For Lorde, it’s her comfort at bedtime and naps that remains important. 

Of the 73 answers to questions asked by Vogue, Lorde answered “expensive sheets” as the most surprising thing fans will hear that she brings on tour with her. Additional answers include the Apollo Theater in Harlem as her favorite place to perform in New York and lighting candles and “setting an intention” as her ritual prior to a big performance.

Weirder items have made it on tour before

While expensive sheets may seem like an odd must-have for Lorde’s tours, there are actually much weirder items that have made their way into the must-have column for musicians in the past. 

According to NME, there are at least a dozen worth mentioning.

The Darkness often brought a chef from their favorite joint, while Ryan Adams somehow managed to bring a pinball machine. Then there’s Harry Kossier from Peace who took a jar of Marmite with him, Este Ham who always had S’mores on hand, and Alex Taylor who always carried around Fimber Bravo’s homemade hot sauce.

Shane Parsons prided his Aeropress coffee maker. Eminem always takes Koi Carp on tour with him (and requested a place to keep them). Laurie Vincent has to have table football on tour, and James Righton is fin as long as he has his Where Chefs Eat app.

Finally, there’s Axl Rose who carries around his own oxygen tank, Tim Burgess who packs moccasins, John Cooper Clarke who carries around a handkerchief marinated in Chanel No 5, and Kyle Falconer who wakes up every night to eat Coco Pops.

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