Louis C.K. Returns To The Stage For First Time Since Sexual Misconduct Admission — And Twitter Is PISSED

Being part of an admitted serial sexual harasser and dick whipper outer’s sudden career comeback feels like it should be a choice.

That wasn’t the case for audience members at New York’s Comedy Cellar Sunday, who were treated ambushed with a surprise stand up set by Louis C.K., whether they consented or not.

According to the New York Times, the comedian didn’t address the elephant in the room during his first live performance since admitting to sexual misconduct allegations made by five women. Instead, he riffed on topics like “racism, waitresses tips, parades,” said Cellar owner Noam Dworman.

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The report stated that the sold-out crowd “greeted him warmly, with an ovation even before he began,” however, one audience member contacted the venue Monday to say “he wished he had known in advance” the Louie star was performing “so he could’ve decided whether to have been there or not.”

Twitter, of course, was aghast over the comedian’s surprise set, which many found to be a bit too sudden given the weight of his actions. Many pointed out that C.K. had done nothing to redeem himself in the 9 months since announcing he’d take a “step back” and “listen” as the #MeToo movement unfolded.

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The 50-year-old lost his deal with FX, his movie I Love You, Daddy, and his agent and management after admitting to making female coworkers and comedians watch him masturbate.

As some Twitics put it, being forced to watch C.K. make his comedy comeback without having a choice kind of feels like similar territory.

See the pissed reactions to the comedian’s surprise set (below). 

Do YOU think the comedian deserves a comeback already?

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