Love Island: Mike tells Shaughna to 'SHUT UP' during shock showdown

Love Island SPOILER: Irate Mike tells Shaughna to ‘SHUT UP’ during shock showdown as contestants are shown headlines about their on-air antics

Mike Boateng will be seen getting irate with Shaughna Phillips during Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island as they read headlines about their on-air antics.

In a teaser clip aired at the end of Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV2 dating show, former policeman Mike is seen telling Shaughna to ‘shut up’ during a shocking row.

Things get tense between the pair when Shaughna is challenged to fill in the name of the person concerned in a headline that reads: ‘Love Island’s [blank] is branded “snake” after his reaction to being brutally dumped by Callum.’

Read all about it: Shaughna Phillips and her fellow Islanders will be seen taking part in a headline challenge during Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island

Commenting on the headline after reading it out, democratic services officer Shaughna quipped: ‘Some people forget they’re mic’d and on a TV show.’

Clearly unimpressed with both the headline and reaction, Mike is then seen blasting at her: ‘Shut up man, it’s not a game anymore. That’s taking the p**s.’

The headline in question concerned Love Island fans tweeting their disgust about Mike apparently ‘smirking’ as he watched Callum Jones return from Casa Amor with Molly Smith on his arm, much to the chagrin of his then-partner Shaughna. 

Shocking showdown: However, Shaughna’s quips will be seen riling up Mike Boateng (left) as he tells her to ‘shut up’ during shocking showdown. Pictured with Callum Jones

Quip: Commenting on the headline after reading it out, democratic services officer Shaughna quipped, ‘Some people forget they’re mic’d and on a TV show’

The headline challenge will stand in place of the Online Buzz challenge this year, which has historically caused fireworks in the villa, as the Islanders listen to harsh and biting opinions about themselves via viewers’ Twitter accounts. 

A source told The Sun: ‘The Twitter challenge won’t be on this year’s series – it hasn’t been ditched for good, it’s just not happening on the winter season.’

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Love Island for comment.

The tweets prove to be a consistent source of drama on the hit ITV2 dating show each year as Islanders learn what viewers really think of them.

New love interest: Callum Jones left partner Shaughna devastated when he returned from Casa Amor with new love interest Molly Smith

In the Online Buzz challenge, the Islanders are tasked with figuring out the missing word in social media posts from fans.

The task has proven to be a huge eye-opener for many couples in recent years, as they discover their relationship is not so idyllic through the judgemental lens of the viewing public.

Weeks into last year’s Love Island, Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard were outraged to learn one viewer thought they had ‘no sexual chemistry,’ while another fan accused Anna Vakili of ‘acting’ in her romance with Jordan Hames. 

One viewer seemed unconvinced by Anna and Jordan’s romance, as a tweet read: ‘I honestly feel like Anna is acting or settling for Jordan.’

Rows: The recoupling initially led to a series of tense showdowns between the former couple

Comparing notes: Shaugna and Molly were sent out of the villa to ‘compare notes’ on Callum

Another poked fun at unlucky-in-love Anton Danyluk with a tweet reading: ‘Everyone already knows that Anton has no game.

Meanwhile, one of the tweets asserted that ‘Tommy [Fury] and Lucie [Donlan] are meant to be’ – even though he was coupled up with now-girlfriend Molly-Mae.

Of all the couples mentioned, Tommy and Molly-Mae are the only ones who remain together. They join Curtis Pritchard and Maura Huggins as the only remaning couple’s from last year’s instalment of the dating show. 

Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2. 

Shocking: During last year’s Online Buzz challenge, Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard reacted as they listened to a viewer’s tweet claiming they had ‘no sexual chemistry’

Brutal: In the ‘mean tweets’ challenge, the Islanders were tasked with figuring out the missing word in social media posts from fans

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