‘Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard is self-centred, dangerous and he’s emotionally abused Amy Hart’ – Nadia Essex EXCLUSIVE – Nadia Essex

I cried. Amy cried. Curtis cried (not for Amy, because he knew he had just screwed up his chances and the ‘Daddy’ of the Villa is now the bad guy). The nation cried.

Last night was a tough watch and made my alarm bells ring loud. Amy was screwed over and has had her heart broken by my, used to be favourite, Curtis.

I believe every single word that she thinks she loves him and watching her last night sobbing, knowing she didn’t sleep a wink and woke up crying is a pain I know all too well. Heartbreak, betrayal is physically painful and last night we saw it on our TVs.

For all her annoyingness Amy doesn’t deserve what happened. So what happened? Curtis totally screwed up. When she left for Casa Amor he knew the nation didn’t like her and therefore his chances of winning were thwarted. Enter Jourdan. Enter chats with the boys dropping hints that things aren’t quite right and maybe he is open to getting his head turned (I believe the minute he saw the new girls he saw an opportunity to ditch Amy and be back to top power couple once again) so the games began.

Normally I would say his actions are of a typically silly boy whose brain moves to his penis and is lead by it. However, in Curtis’ case I don’t believe this to be true. I think it was a premeditated plan. He took a chance. Took a shot with Jourdan and failed twice. Knowing Jourdan and Danny were into each other but trying to steel her last minute is a Megan Barton Hanson style of shady but at least Megan followed her heart.

Even though it didn’t last, her and Wes were much more suited and the gamble paid off as they had a wonderful, albeit short, relationship still. Curtis was clutching at straws to save his own skin. He got rebuffed. Fine. Happens to us all. What happened next is what really gets my goat.

Unlike Michael, who is blaming Amber and we can see through it, Curtis is playing the victim. Owning up to it, apologising, crying, taking full responsibility. Usually I would applaud such brave acts from a man but I don’t buy it one bit. He wants to make Amy feel bad for him. He doesn’t want to give her space because he doesn’t want to feel like the bad guy.

He doesn’t like the crown of Villa King slipping off. He doesn’t want to make it up with Amy for her best interests, he wants to make it up so he can stop feeling so guilty and bad. What’s with the constant shouting “Amy I’m sorry” so the whole villa can see how much he is ‘sorry’. Yawn.

It’s selfish, narcissistic behaviour and quite frankly, teetering on emotionally abusive. Amy deserves better full stop. But like Queen Maura (can she win alone already please) pointed out, at least Amy knows the true Curtis now. Imagine how quickly his head would have been turned when he gets outside the villa if they were still together, if he’s that desperate he goes for a girl who has shown him zero interest, him and Amy wouldn’t have lasted till the plane touched down at Gatwick.

I am sure Curtis will do / say the right things to worm his way back in but I hope Amy is strong enough to say no.

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