Lucy Alexander pokes fun at Homes Under The Hammer’s Martin Roberts over new TV project

Martin Roberts from Homes Under the Hammer teases surprise

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Lucy Alexander, 51, was among those eager to find out what her former Homes Under The Hammer co-star Martin Roberts, 58, has been up to with his new TV project. The BBC presenter has been keeping his latest venture very hush hush, much to fan’s disappointment, but he’s now revealed this week should be the week he can announce the news.

How did you know?

Martin Roberts

Posting a new video to his social media pages, Martin once again apologised for frustrating his followers with the lengthy wait time.

“Hey! It’s 7 o’clock in the morning and I’m back at the train station in London for another day training…” he began before trailing off, grinning.

“I hear there’s lots of trains there…” he smirked.

Martin carried on: “I know this is all getting a bit frustrating, I can’t tell you again where I’m going.

“But hopefully this week will be the week when the production company reveals all!

“So, this hasn’t really got you very far, this message, but just to let you know as soon as I can, I’ll be letting you in on my secret.”

Rushing to the comments section, fans shared their suspicions and excitement for the announcement, and among them was Lucy.

The former property show star poked fun at her close pal by firing a rather surprising guess his way.

“Pole dance championships?” she joked, alongside a humorous gif of a rabbit swinging around pole.

Martin was quick to reply, going along with the joke.

“How did you know?” he chuckled.

Someone else commented: “It better be worth all this suspense,” to which the presenter reassured them it would be.

“Good luck for today’s training and looking forward to hearing your big news,” another added.

It comes after Martin left some fans slightly worried about his well-being after he admitted he’d been left “battered and bruised” from what he branded a “challenge”.

The TV star confessed the whole process has been an “emotional rollercoaster”.

“Well, I’m finally home after what I can say was one heck of a day,” he began in a previous Twitter video, before breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

“I know it’s really frustrating that I can’t tell you what I’m doing but I thought if I report back…

“Today’s been an emotional rollercoaster clearly; tears, laughter, the whole lot,” he giggled.

“Then you’ll understand everything!” he grinned.

“But as I say, it has been a challenge and honestly, all your support and words of encouragement have helped me through it.

“So when you see it, it’s something of a success, OK? I mean that,” he laughed.

Alongside the video, he wrote the caption: “Finally home. Slightly battered and bruised but in one piece! Thank you again for all the encouragement.

“It got me through today and you can share in it when I can FINALLY reveal what I’m up to in about 2 weeks.”

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