Lucy Spraggan expertly claps back at trolls targeting her 'empty boobs'

Lucy Spaggan pretty much predicted that she’d be subjected to trolling after opening up about her ’empty’ boobs and she had the best response to those giving her a hard time.

The former X Factor star, 29, has undergone something of a lifestyle overhaul in recent years and thrown herself into fitness.

But, as she started to lose weight, Lucy candidly revealed on Instagram that her boobs were ‘hit pretty hard’ and she’s now hoping to undergo a breast augmentation after being left feeling a little ‘insecure’ about them.

She had posed topless, using her hands to cover her modesty, in the honest post she shared four days ago and since then, like she expected, Lucy’s had to endure trolling about her boobs.

Not standing for it, Lucy defiantly posed topless again – this time using two pieces of weetabix to cover her nipples – and clapped back at her haters in the most epic way.

‘Excuse the no make up (or tee shirt, the bed hair and the weetabix where my nipples are) but I didn’t want to make too much of an effort for this post… To the very few that tried to give me sh*t about my boobs. 🍒,’ she wrote.

‘The only reason you know about my empty whappers is because I TOLD you about them. If I didn’t think I could handle very predictable and, let’s be honest, very underwhelming trolling about them I wouldn’t have over-shared.’

Giving as good as she got, Lucy continued: ‘Honestly, the lack of creativity you’ve shown with your insults is an insight into what boring b*stards you must be.

‘Saggy tits’… I mean, yeah, we know, that’s the whole point 😂😂😂. I literally ran my tits off. 🌚 My three year old niece can inadvertently concoct more cutting insults than you 😅.’

‘My tits can be fixed, matter of fact in January they ARE being fixed,’ she revealed, before firing back: ‘But there is currently no surgery for being an insufferable, unoriginal c**t. You could try a lobotomy. I’ve heard good things.’

Lucy had previously revealed: ‘My boobs got hit pretty hard by losing weight. I have been lucky with loose skin, I have a bit around my belly (just below my waist band) and my arms – which I used to be terrified about people seeing. I’d make sure there were no pictures where you could see it and wear clothes that covered that part of me up.’

While she claimed she doesn’t mind loose skin she has been left with on her arms and around her belly, calling it ‘liberating’, the singer said that her boobs were a ‘different story’.

‘I’ve tried to respect their choice to be low, empty bags where my actual tits used to be (see third image 😂) but I just can’t,’ she said. ‘Truth is, when I look at my boobs in the mirror they make me feel pretty miserable and insecure.’

Lucy revealed that she had wanted to address her boobs because she wanted advice and to hear positive experiences of those who had been in a similar situation and opted for a breast augmentation.

‘As much as I think you should f*cking love your excellent body and all of its abilities, it’s also ok to want to change things, it’s your body and your choice,’ she signed off.

Lucy shot to fame on The X Factor in 2012 – the same series won by James Arthur.

She had made it through to the live shows, but was forced to pull out of week four due to illness. While she was given a free pass to the next week, Lucy later quit the series as she was too ill to compete.

Since then, Lucy has gone on to release five solo albums, with her sixth album, Choices, set to drop in the UK in February 2021.

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