Luke Bryan Gets Fish Hook Stuck THROUGH His Finger: 'This Is Gonna Leave A Mark'

So much for a fun day of fishing!

While trying to take his guitar tech out for a trip on Tuesday, Luke Bryan accidentally got a sharp fish hook stuck through his finger. The American Idol judge chronicled the whole ordeal on Instagram, initially posting a graphic video (below) of the large hook dangling from two parts of his thumb. OMG!

Cool as a cucumber, the singer joked:

“Well, this is gonna leave a mark. Pretty sure that’s in my bone.”

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In his Story, the country crooner took followers on an adventure to the hospital, seeming as lighthearted about the injury as ever! Resting in a doctor’s office while filming, the 44-year-old teased:

”We’re violating HIPAA somehow.”

Shortly after, he and Russ were back on the water ready to catch some live ones!!

We’re hoping Luke had some better luck the second time around! Reactions, readers?? Would U have been THAT calm about a hook poking into your bone? No f**king way, right?!

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