Machine Gun Kelly won’t respond to latest Eminem diss

One of the year’s most annoying celebrity feuds of 2018 may have finally come to a close – and all because Machine Gun Kelly tapped out.

During an interview with Hot 97’s “The Breakfast Club” Thursday morning, the rapper, 28, announced he would not be responding to Eminem’s diss track “Killshot.”

“I had a clip ready,” he said. “I heard ‘Killshot’ and I put that s–t back in the holster. I’m just like, ‘Oh word.’ He called me a mumble rapper, dog.”

Although it had been simmering for years, the beef between the two emcees really got going earlier this month after Eminem trashed MGK on his surprise album, “Kamikaze,” for calling his then-teenage daughter “hot as f–k.” Kelly followed that up with his diss track “Rap Devil,” which Em responded to with “Killshot.”

But after listening to the latest salvo in their war of words, Kelly decided he was done. Why? His 45-year-old foe’s over-reliance on ad hominem attacks.

“We’re talking about facts, you want to talk about man buns? Answer the facts,” he said. “You want to talk about a hairstyle I wore in a blockbuster movie? Shout out ‘Nerve.’ And a 10-episode Showtime series called ‘Roadies’? I’m an actor, homie. How disconnected are you? You called me a mumble rapper. Let pour some out for this old dumbass.”

If Kelly is really concerned with the facts, he might have noticed that Eminem’s song recorded the biggest rap debut in YouTube history and has tallied nearly 90 million plays in less than a week. Meanwhile, he, as he acknowledged, is currently opening for Fall Out Boy.

“This wasn’t even on my path anyway. … I’m on a tour opening up for a rock band, in a completely different mind state than this,” he said. “Thank you, though, for bringing me back.”

Only time will tell but Kelly’s announcement seems unlikely to dispel rumors that the whole feud was faked in the first place.

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