Madonna & her implants made a surprise appearance at the MTV VMAs

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Madonna has been getting tons of plastic surgery for years. Which is her business, and she can do whatever she wants with her body. But of course people are going to judge the quality of the work and the intentions behind it. And all of it is a whole ass mess, in every sense. Madonna doesn’t make many public appearances these days, preferring to spread her particular Madge gospel through social media. So I do think there were a lot of stunned people when Madonna walked out onto the MTV VMA stage last night. Stunned because people couldn’t believe that MTV actually got Madonna to come out for the 40th anniversary of MTV, and stunned because of the way Madonna looks now.

So… yeah, it looks like she’s gotten a Kardashian-style makeover. That’s how much work Madonna’s gotten on her face at this point. Everything is smooth, taut and creepy. I think she’s gotten a chin implant and cheek implants and everything is pulled too tight. But maybe the biggest surprise is that Madge has gotten butt implants too? I think that was her purpose in coming out for the VMAs: to show off her ass of lies. She’s 63 years old and she’s still shocking people. Which was always her shtick. Shock and awe.

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— Susie Ho-maker (@johnnygnecc0) September 13, 2021

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