Margot Robbie says new Barbie film will be 'totally different'

Margot Robbie says her new Barbie film will be ‘something totally different’: ‘I want to put positivity out in the world’

Margot Robbie has hinted that her upcoming Barbie movie will be unlike what fans are expecting.   

The 30-year-old Bombshell actress has long been slated to play the world’s most iconic fashion doll in a live-action movie and has vowed to give audiences ‘something totally different.’

Opting for something ‘a little left center,’ when it comes to her portrayal of the Mattel doll, the project will be produced by her LuckyChap Entertainment Company whose motto is, ‘If it’s not a f**k, yes, it’s a no.’

Barbie girl: Margot Robbie, 30, says her upcoming Barbie film will be ‘something totally different’ than what people expect, as she and her LuckyChap Entertainment company like to be a ‘little left of center’

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the project Robbie said: ‘Something like Barbie where the IP, the name itself, people immediately have an idea of, “Oh Margot is playing Barbie, I know what that is.”

‘But our goal is to be like, “Whatever you’re thinking, we’re going to give you something totally different – the thing you didn’t know you wanted.”‘ 

Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig and her partner Noah Baumbach have signed on to write the script in a movie that is a more dystopian take on the historically ‘perfect’ doll. 

The film’s plot centers on Barbie being expelled from Barbie Land for failing to live up to the expectations of its residents. 

Barbie Land: The film’s plot centers around the Bombshell actress getting expelled from Barbie land as Robbie’s producing partner McNamara said Baumbach and Gerwig have ‘subverted’ the movie

Flip the script: Robbie and McNamara have maintained that the duo are the perfect people for the project as they are known to put their own spin on things which aligns with the LuckyChap motto of doing things a bit differently; pictured February 2020

Robbie’s producing partner Josey McNamara is certain that the duo are the perfect people to change viewers expectations of the project from the jump. 

‘As Margot said, you think you know what the movie is with Margot as Barbie, but Greta and Noah have subverted it, and we can’t wait to get into that one,’ Josey said.

Margot added that she hopes to put some ‘positivity out in the world’ and provoke ‘thoughtful conversation’ with the new movie.   

Speaking about the choice of writers she said: ‘Now, can we truly honor the IP and the fan base and also surprise people? Because if we can do all that and provoke a thoughtful conversation, then we’re really firing on all cylinders.’  

Conversation starter: Despite the film’s unconventional take on the historically ‘perfect’ doll, the Birds of Prey star says she hopes to provoke ‘thoughtful conversation’ with the film; pictured July 2019

The Birds of Prey star previously said she thinks the film is ‘a great opportunity to put some positivity out in the world and a change to be aspirational for younger kids.’

Barbie was created by Ruth Handler after being inspired by watching her daughter Barbara play with paper dolls as if they were adults.

Ruth along with the help of her husband Elliot – who was a co-founder of toy company Mattel – developed and launched Barbie in 1959 and they instantly had a hit on their hands which has lasted to this day.

Barbie regularly generates over $1B worth of gross sales each year and has become a cultural icon in her own right. 

Cultural icon: Robbie will be bringing Ruth Handler’s cultural icon to life in a film she hopes will ‘honor the IP and the fan base and also surprise people’

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