Mark Wright enrages fans with his latest inspirational speech

He’s gone from humble beginnings as a local nightclub promoter to a host on one of America’s biggest entertainment shows.

And Mark Wright was pumped last night when he got to interview his idol, Tom Cruise, for Extra, hailing himself a winner whilst in the same breath admitting he’s got ‘no talent’.

"I’m a winner!! You can be too!! Yes I lose but I win more!! Talent or no talent, strive for what you want, Believe, focus and don’t stop until you get it!!" he frothed on Instagram.

"Life is too short to worry about people telling you, YOU CANT !! Let them not believe in you, it makes me power on more."

Clearly not done, the former TOWIE star shared two inspirational quotes, the first of which read: "Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle."

And not one to play the humble card, in another he boasted, "Some of us got that s*** you just can’t teach."

While some were loving the cut of his jib, for others it was all too much.

"A little exposure through TOWIE helps. Let’s cut the inspirational sh*** Mark," sniped one. "You played yourself on TV and become famous and were offered opportunities off the back of it. Harder for your average Joe."

"What a pr***," raged a second, while another added, "Easier said than done when you were born with a silver spoon in ya mouth ya posh t***."

However, most flooded the one-time reality star – who is married to Michelle Keegan – with words of support and congratulations.

"LIFE!! That’s the knowledge man! Wish u continued success, killing it!," gushed one.

"Well said Mark – glad you are proving people wrong past is past moving forward is the only route," raved another.

After quitting TOWIE in 2013, he went on to land a gig as a DJ for Heart FM before completing a stint on Strictly Come Dancing. Then Hollywood came called last May when he earned a job as a reporter on Extra.

Throughout his eight year career, Mark is believed to have amassed a whopping net worth of £4million – which is £1million more than the members of Little Mix.

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