Martin Lewis explains why he deleted innocent comment ahead of Meghan and Harry interview

Meghan and Harry interview may ‘damage' ties warns expert

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Martin Lewis, 48, proved he has a heart of gold by admitting if he knew he’d upset even one person with something he said, he would feel incredibly terrible. It comes after he deleted a comment he made regarding last night’s TV schedule ahead of Meghan and Prince Harry’s highly-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey, but many fans wondered why he got rid of the innocent remark that they believed caused no offence.

Even 1 unwittingly upset is too many. So I’ve deleted

Martin Lewis

But while the majority of his followers found the joke question funny, Martin admitted that someone had misconstrued his intentions and therefore felt it necessary to do right thing and take it down out of consideration.

Taking to Twitter before the Royal couple’s explosive chat, Martin had penned in the now deleted tweet: “Anything on telly?”

But he later followed it up with an explanation why he got rid of the comment.

“Earlier I jokingly wrote “Anything on telly?” feigning ignorance of the yr’s most high profile TV. Many found it funny,” he explained.

“A few misread as aimed to dimish impact of interview’s themes, incl racism. V far from my intent.

“Even 1 unwittingly upset is too many. So I’ve deleted.”(sic)

Confused fans quickly rushed to the comments section to reassure the Money Saving Expert that he did nothing wrong.

“You shouldn’t feel you have to do that. You didn’t do anything wrong at all,” one praised, but Martin disagreed.

Replying to the user, he said: “I didn’t feel I had to do that. I wanted to do it.

“A very nice woman on here was upset by it. If it can be read that way, I don’t want a part of it.”

He added: “It’s important to stand up against perceived racism, even when you’re unwittingly the culprit.”

More users responded with their opinions, with some backing Martin’s decision to remove the post and others insisting he was being over-cautious.

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“Fair play to you mate, well done,” one cheered.

A second wrote: “You’re not the only one you has posted this tonight. A bit of tongue in cheek to lighten the mood is a good thing!”

A third reasoned: “True. But things can be read in so many different ways. Anything can.”

“You always get someone looking for an excuse to be offended. They’re called wokies,” a fourth noted.

“People need get a grip Martin. This is the prob with this Country now, you cannot say anything anymore because of the ‘PC Brigade’ As for Meghan and the Royals, I’m with you. Basically I don’t give a damm. Infact as a bloke I find it strange any other bloke would be interested,” someone else explained their stance on the matter.

A fifth sighed: “For gods sake, some people. Well the original tweet made me laugh so thanks Martin.”

Another believed his decision was “a bit over the top”.

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