Martin Roberts returns to Homes Under The Hammer after surreal experience

Martin Roberts details Homes Under the Hammer 'bargain'

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Martin Roberts, 57, revealed he’s back filming Homes Under The Hammer after his latest TV project is over. Still not able to announce what it is, he logged onto Instagram to reassure viewers he is still very much a presenter on the property show, regardless of his ventures elsewhere.

Just reassure you, it’s back to the day job filming Homes Under The Hammer

Martin Roberts

In a new video shared to his social media accounts, the DIY expert beamed at the camera as he stood outside a house in Wales.

“Well, after the surreal day that was Monday…” he began.

“Just reassure you, it’s back to the day job filming Homes Under The Hammer!”

Martin detailed what he was currently doing, turning the camera to show fans his whereabouts.

“I’m at this reasonably sized three bed in Wales, and if you’re looking for property bargains…

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“Let me just show you this!”

He trailed off as he ran across the road and proceeded to spin the camera around to show his followers the end of terrace home, all while reeling off its worth and what local amenities it had around it.

Before signing off, he reappeared in front of the camera as he added: “You could do a lot worse than moving here!

“Martin’s tip of the day!” he grinned.

Fans rushed to the comments section to share their excitement that the fun-loving presenter would be back on their screens soon with some new episodes of the BBC show.

“Best show,” one applauded.

A Welsh viewer added: “Martin! You could have popped in for a brew!”

“Martin, you’re property legend!” a third beamed.

Someone else attempted to put two and two together and work out what his secret TV project was.

“You’re In wales? Isn’t that where the ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ are??? Mmmm mmmm,” they giggled.

It comes after Martin has been teasing this new venture for some time, but has been unable to confirm or deny any guesses.

He recently revealed he had completed a tough day of filming for the show, whatever it may be, and thanked everyone for their support.

The 58-year-old also left some fans slightly worried about his well-being after he admitted he’d been left “battered and bruised” from what he branded a “challenge”.

The BBC presenter confessed the whole process has been an “emotional rollercoaster”, but in two weeks time he’ll be able to reveal all about what he’s been working on.

“Well, I’m finally home after what I can say was one heck of a day,” he said in a previous Instagram video, before breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

“I know it’s really frustrating that I can’t tell you what I’m doing but I thought if I report back…

“Today’s been an emotional rollercoaster clearly; tears, laughter, the whole lot,” he giggled.

Martin went on to add that at the beginning of November he will be able to reveal what it is he’s been working on.

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