Mary-Kate Olsen is ‘career focused’ but Olivier is ‘very French’ & wanted her home

Mary-Kate Olsen is divorcing Olivier Sarkozy, her seventeen-years-older French banker husband. They said it was a weird match and they said it wouldn’t last, and look at that. But I didn’t predict that it would be so messy so fast. To recap, the lockdown meant that MK couldn’t file for divorce in mid-April, Olivier cancelled the lease on their New York apartment without telling her and now he’s trying to get her to move her sh-t out by the 18th. She said, slow your roll, you can’t do that in a pandemic situation, and she tried again to file for divorce, only the court rejected her filing again (because it wasn’t an emergency). Silver lining, maybe: at least her money is protected. So now we’re getting some stories about what was going on in their marriage:

Mary Kate Olsen has filed for divorce from husband Olivier Sarkozy after five years of marriage, and one insider says it’s partly because the two don’t see eye to eye on her career.

“She’s super career focused and he’s very French and wanted her to be more available,” the source tells PEOPLE of the banker, 50. “You can’t control a girl who has been on the billionaire track since her 20s.”

The former child star and fashion icon, 33, currently runs two luxury fashion brands with twin sister Ashley Olsen: The Row and Elizabeth and James. Mary-Kate and Ashley opened up to WWD about the successful business ventures in 2018, saying their detail-oriented approach to both brands ultimately keeps their partnership strong.

[From People]

“He’s very French” ah, j’ai compris. He thought he was marrying a much younger, rich, silly American woman who would want to make his dinner and have babies and shut up. And MK was like “I gotta go to work, I’ll be back in a week.” Speaking of, E! News says that MK has already left the city so she can be with her sister Ashley and some friends:

After news broke that Mary-Kate filed an emergency order to divorce her husband of five years, a source tells E! News exclusively that the 33-year-old fashion mogul is spending time with her identical other half. We’re told Mary-Kate has left the couple’s Big Apple home to be with Ashley and group of friends outside the city.

“It’s gotten very ugly between them,” the insider reveals of Mary-Kate and Olivier’s current dynamic. It’s become a “heated divorce,” the source adds. “She’s done with constant drama.”

[From E! News]

As a gossip blogger, I would love nothing more for this to turn into a gigantic tabloid mess with the NY Post running some absurd anti-French headlines (“Olsen Twin Seeks Liberté From Froggy Sarko”). But realistically, I know this is probably as good as it will get. Olivier is the wild card here – if MK had it her way, she would make this all go away quietly, with no “sources” running to People or E! News. But if Olivier keeps it dramatic, MK will squash him in the papers and in court. Hopefully.

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