Matt Tebbutt: Saturday Kitchen host details ‘genuinely terrifying’ moment filming show

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Saturday Kitchen presenter Matt Tebbutt has opened up about a “terrifying” moment filming his show, Kings of the Wild. Speaking to his co-star Olly Smith on his A Glass With… podcast, Matt, 47, candidly told how he was overwhelmed by the amount of things that “wanted to kill him” during his time filming in the jungle.

I mean, literally, everything wants to kill you

Matt Tebbutt

Appearing on the drink’s expert’s podcast, Matt was asked whether he had ever been “genuinely terrified” of anything.

The celebrity chef went on to candidly tell of his adventures filming his 2015 series, Kings of the Wild.

Matt said: “I did a Discovery show quote some years ago and I went off with this loony Kiwi guy, Josh Jamess, and he was something else.”

He added that “nothing seemed to faze” the avid explorer.

Matt continued: “There I was, a middle class boy thrown into a jungle scenario in Panama and Belize.

“What struck me was the number of things that wanted to kill you in the jungle.”

The BBC star went on to tell of his horror at being surrounded by dangerous, exotic animals.

“I mean, literally, everything wants to kill you,” he said.

“You sit on the floor and a scorpion will go across your toes.

“There’s snakes and spiders, so that gets quite daunting,” Matt frankly admitted.

He went on to relay one terrifying incident which occured in the middle of the night while he was sleeping in a hammock in the jungle.

While sleeping in the Mexican jungle one night, the star explained that he heard a “roar”, which immediately set him on edge.

He said: “I thought, ‘What the hell is that?’

“And there was this Turkey flapping about, a wild turkey, and I heard this roar and this turkey let out a terrified yelp and that was it,” Matt explained.

The former restaurateur went on to tell how he was left awake for hours after the terrifying incident, wondering whether he’d be next.

A year after filming the adventure series, Matt landed his Saturday Kitchen presenting role following James Martin’s exit.

From 2016 onwards he became the main host of the programme alongside drinks expert Olly and Helen McGinn.

Matt previously spoke to about the backlash he faced after stepping into James Martin’s presenting role.

He explained that being accepted by Saturday Kitchen viewers was a “gradual process”, as over the past decade, the Yorkshire-born chef had built a large following of dedicated fans.

He said: “It was a slow process and people like to have their favourites and people don’t generally like change.

“So yeah, it was a gradual process,” he admitted.

Saturday Kitchen is on this morning at 10am on BBC One.

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