Matthew Wolfenden hits back at Emmerdale co-star Roxy Shahidi over ‘orange make-up’ jibe

Matthew Wolfenden teased by costar for his 'orange' makeup

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Emmerdale’s David Metcalfe star Matthew Wolfenden, 41, has hit back at co-star Roxy Shahidi, 38, (who plays Leyla Harding in the drama) after she teased the actor about his “orange make-up”. Earlier in the day, the star revealed on social media that he was waiting in his trailer to film for the ITV soap, which led to him showcasing his make-up routine to his 174,000 Instagram fans. However, the star was less than impressed with his co-star when she teased his amateur attempt.

If you stand out in the rain like that all that orange make-up’s going to drip right off your face

Roxy Shahidi

He said on Instagram stories: “So because of the situation at the moment – I don’t know if any of you know but there’s this thing around called Covid or something – we don’t have a make-up team anymore for safety reasons.

“So we’re having to do our own”, he added before going on to document his lengthy make-up routine which saw him experimenting with a number of different products.

Matthew went on to apply concealer to his spots and under his eyes before becoming distracted by Instagram filters.

“Sorry I forgot to say at the end of my make-up tutorial that we’ve got this as well”, the star said, holding up a black compact.

“Blotting powder”, he clarified for fans.

The actor added: “So what we do – I’ll open that up one-handed”, he said while struggling to open the clasp.

Holding up the puff which had been covered in the powder, Matthew continued: “You put a bit on that and then you do this in the mirror.”

The star started to dab the product under his eyes while studying his reflection.

Finishing up, he added: “So, I hope everyone’s going to use my -” before cutting himself off.

“Argh, I just put that in a load of make-up”, he sighed, before announcing he was going to have to clean up.

A few slides later, the star appeared fresh from having finished his routine.

“Right, I’m going to go and knock for Rokhsaneh, I’ve got a scene with her, with the lovely Leyla, then we’re going to run some lines”, he said, exiting his trailer.

“Look at the weather, it’s May!” the star moaned as he revealed the heavily-filtered, but grey, sky behind him.

After reaching Rokhsaneh’s trailer, the actor knocked on the door before turning to jovially greet a member of crew who had been walking in the background.

“Hello Rox”, he started as the actress emerged.

“I’ve just come to… are you playing now?” he asked.

“No I’m not”, she added before offering some beauty-related words of advice.

“If you stand out in the rain like that all that orange make-up’s going to drip right off your face”, she advised her co-star.

Clearly annoyed at being teased for his questionable make-up application, Matthew grimaced at the camera before muttering, “shut up”.

Turning over his shoulder, he yelled at Roxy, “Do you want to run lines or not?”

“We’re ready for you now”, a female voice replied. Shocked at being called to film so early, Matthew exclaimed: “You’re ready for us? We haven’t even run lines yet!”

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