Meet Halsey's Baby Daddy – Five Things To Know About Alev Aydin!

Halsey’s expecting her first child, but what’s the deal with the father!?

While the singer has dated a few notable celebs — Evan Peters, Yungblud, and G-Eazy, to name a few — fans might not know much about her baby daddy, who has been revealed as Alev Aydin. So we’ve compiled five fast facts about the man behind the baby bump!

Get to know the songstress’ new man (below)!


He’s a screenwriter

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Aydin created an eight-episode TV series titled Small Shots, which was released in 2017 and is currently available on Netflix. Some of his earlier works include Turbo and Joey, which dropped in 2013, and a short called HipMen: Los Angeles.

Could this mean a future in film for Halsey!?

He’s a Pisces

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Born on March 17, 37-year-old Alev is a Pisces, making him “a match made in heaven” with Halsey’s sign Libra, per Elite Daily. The outlet explains:

“A Pisces and a Libra are both loyal to their friends and family, and will often go to extreme lengths to make sure they keep their loyalty intact. They’re often amiable to other people’s schedules, time frames, and availability. “

The singer is really into astrology, so we’re sure she really appreciates this cosmic connection!

He loves basketball

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Aydin often shares basketball videos and memes on his Twitter, and outed himself as a Lakers fan back in August when he shared a throwback photo (above) of himself donning a team jersey. A perfect match for Halsey, as she’s a big fan, too!

They have matching tattoos

In June 2020, the pair got matching tattoos on their feet of the word “Seeds.” It’s unclear what the word means to the couple, but a fan noticed they got the ink on the week that was “cosmically the best week to plant a seed.”

He’s Turkish

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The producer occasionally posts about his heritage, including beautiful landscape shots of his “homeland” of Turkey. Halsey celebrates Alev’s heritage as well; on New Year’s Eve, she shared a sweet post dedicated to him and even wrote in Turkish.

She wrote on her Instagram Stories:

“Grateful for you this year and every year, sweets. seni çok seviyorum ”

Clearly, Halsey has great taste! Wishing the couple nothing but happiness on their journey to parenthood!

What do U think of this pairing, Perezcious readers?

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